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Post  emeese13 on 27th May 2015, 23:07

Hi everyone!
Our server is ranked through battlelog and they are having hacking problems and more.
You might have realised that sometimes our server is not giving STATS.
Well, I've talked to one guy from battlelog and this is what he said:

we have found that sometimes when a player with a really symboled up name is in the server it breaks stats.
The russian and chinese symbols too.
If someone has a broken up name, half the server might not count.
but like this weekend someone tried to hack us again,
takes up our time. probably hub again....
bf2hub has tried to hack us before and DDoS.
last time HUB DDoS battlelog and we traced it back to them for sure,
i DDoS them with my corporate mainframe, they stopped then.
they bully us a lot.

P.S: Hopefully they gonna fix these poblems soon.
If you check all three links here you will see that our server is fine.

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